Apples and other fruits

We have apples as our primary crop in our orchards but apart from apples there are a tons of fruits like pears, apricots, grapes, plums and cherries in our orchards.

To grow apples there are few things which are very necessary :

  1. Cold and dry climate
  2. Very fertile Soil
  3. Accurate soil ph level
  4. Snow in winters
  5. A tons of technical knowledge to plan an orchard and go through with it for whole year again and again for generations.

We are the third generation in commercial apple cultivation and fruits like apricots and grapes have also been our native fruits for ages. Himalayas provides the best climate for our cash crop and really cold climate throughout the year puts number of fungus and pests to zero. We are highly blessed with such givings on nature and therefore we are able to provide,you, our consumers the best quality apples and products made from it.