A farmer’s life is incomplete without livestock. We as farmers and living in one of the remotest areas tend to be dependent on our livestock for our needs. Its all is just a happy sustainable way of life.
Understand our livestock system in Wild Himalaya apple orchard :

Cows and calves : Cows being the primary livestock animal is also very sacred in our religious values. These cows are fed with grass from the orchard which is also a reason we tend to go pesticide free. Cows are also fed with sun dried fruits in off seasons. We depend on cow for milk and cows and calves also gives us a tons of manure to fulfill our orchard needs.

Sheep and goats : With generation after generation we have farmed sheep and goats. Himalayan highlands are famous for its pastures and highly nutritious herbs on what livestock grazes on. After returning from the highlands they spend the winters in our orchard. Filling our lands with manure and providing us with wool to make some warm clothes and shawls.

Roosters: We have roosters of Indian breeds such as Kadaknath etc in our orchard. These roosters roam whole day in orchards and prey on various insects, making our orchard pest free.